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MB Think Tank

MB Think Tank is a Small Medium Enterprise, based in Brasov, Romania. The company specializes in consulting services in areas such as: digitization, intellectual property, good governance, project management.

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MB THINK TANK was established in 2017, as a Romanian start-up, focusing on promoting digital culture.

Under the motto Digital Intelligence, MB THINK TANK develops innovative solutions that aim to facilitate the transition to a digital society.

In 2017, the company earned a government grant to help develop its business. Starting 2018, the company has become a strategic partner of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce in Romania, and since January 2019, it supports organizations to become more competitive with digital technologies and provides proactive solutions for information security.

Currently, MB THINK TANK offers consulting services in the field of Intellectual Property and Technology Law. As partner of the Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce in Romania, the company participates in the activities organized within the Chamber of Sectoral Promotion for Creative Industries.

MB THINK TANK has 4 permanent employees and collaborates with over 20 experts in its fields of activity.

Project Coordinator

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Mihai Bârsan, the manager of MB THINK TANK, graduated from the Faculty of Law, holds a master's degree in Law, and has taken specialized courses in the field of training, project management and diplomacy. As of 2020, he is PhD in Engineering and Management.

Currently he is a PhD candidate in Intellectual Property Law.

With 8 years of experience in consulting, Mihai Bârsan has worked for the Parliament of Romania (2013 – 2018), has been an expert for the World Bank in Tajikistan (2019) and for several Chambers of Commerce and Chambers of Commercial Diplomacy (since 2015). Currently, he is active in the private sector, offering consulting in areas such as: Intellectual Property, business digitization, project implementation.



500133, Brasov, Romania

+40 7 300 100 30

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